Spectrum Wellness 360 
1st Annual Women's Weekend
"ReTreat Yourself"
Miami Beach
November 16th-18th
Hyatt Centric South Beach
    For $99, you can reserve your spot at our 3 day/2night     weekend retreat where you will be positively influenced and   empowered through 
 -thought-provoking panel discussions,
 - interactive and dynamic workshops,
 -individual and group coaching,
 -and exhilarating yet educational entertainment!

    Connect with successful entrepreneurs, fitness experts,   global travelers, uplifting authors, and wellness leaders who   can help to unlock your fullest emotional, mental, and   financial potential!
What is "ReTreat Yourself"?
   By now, you probably have been made aware that Spectrum Wellness 360 is a health & wellness platform for LGBT women, but I want to further explain and introduce my offerings to you and provide clarification on what is to be our 1st Annual Women's Retreat. 
    Firstly, I'd like to make clear that "ReTreat Yourself" is for LGBT Women (meaning that this is a safe space for Lesbian and Gay women, Bisexual women, and Transgender women. We are also queer/butch/stud/no label inclusive as well.)

   Specifically, "ReTreat Yourself" consists of 3 days and 2 nights of healthy yet fun combination of lectures, workshops and panels where participants can attend at will. In the late afternoon and evening, events will be focused around bonding through food and entertainment in the form of a wine tasting, live art demonstration, fashion show and pop-up store, music showcase, charity auction, paint party, burlesque/kama sutra demonstration, and poolside cocktail party among other adventures! There will be plenty of down time to explore the neighborhood or indulge in your host hotel's spa and dining offerings.  As opposed to lesbian circuit parties where you're always on the move and hung-over from the night before, the main goal of "ReTreat Yourself" is to find relaxation, alignment, and mental & physical well-being to last you beyond the weekend.

How can I sign up? 
   At Spectrum Wellness 360, we believe every queer female should have access to our offerings, and so we have created a payment installment plan via PayPal to help alleviate some financial pressure. With just $99, you can register for our retreat, and pay the remaining balance in 2 equal payments of $150 the next two months. Or you can purchase outright for $399. Both options are available below! 
What You'll Learn At Our Event
   Envision connecting with yourself and the world in a different way. Treat yourself to a weekend of self-improvement, adventure, entertainment, and deep personal connection with other lesbians and bi-sexual women all wanting the same experience as you. If other pride and lesbian-based parties have left you feeling out of place, uninspired, and even disappointed, this event is for you!
   This transformational weekend retreat offers dynamic programs meant to sooth and motivate your spirit, as well as influence real change. Take this time to create some space to explore new mind and body practices, or expand on those you already have, and feel how they life your spirit and resonate with you on a new level.
   In a relaxed, stress-free environment, you’ll learn shoulder to shoulder with other professional women from all over, networking with leaders you’d never have had the chance to meet otherwise. You’ll leave motivated and energized, armed with must-have leadership tools guaranteed to make a dramatic, immediate impact on your results. 
Program Goals
  •  Reconnect with your deepest heart’s desires, bringing them to your full awareness and creating a powerful intention to fulfill them in every day life.
  •  Build the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be!
  •  Identify fears, blockages and limiting beliefs to clear your path and start fulfilling your desires NOW!
  •  Discover your female power, unapologetic self-acceptance and grounded confidence.
  •  Learn about the power of manifestation: a combination of intention and surrender.
  •  Grow in your faith​
  •  Emotional release techniques to support your high vibrational states of consciousness. 
  •  Quiet the negativity and doubt in your mind and make space for abundance and gratitude.
Program Benefits
  •  Peaceful and quiet escape.
  • Meet like-minded individuals.
  •  Newness- new place, people, ideas, and new YOU!
  •  Being unplugged from technology.
  •  Workshops\Lectures\Panels with health & wellness leaders.
  •  Enjoy your down time in your own way (sightseeing, relaxing, reflecting, etc.)
  •  Laughter and fun with new and pre-existing connections.
  •  Balance your education with adventures on and off-site.
Self Love Bootcamp
Self-Love is the most important kind of love, but few have mastered it. This boot camp will get you kick started and help you to understand the necessity of putting yourself first without guilt or shame! Fall in love with yourself and never question your self-worth again! 
Living Your Best Life: 
Mind,Body, & Spirit Alignment
Anxiety, illness, disease, drama, conflict, doubt, etc... these contribute to a complete disconnect between the mind,body, and soul which can further perpetuate the cycle. This seminar will teach you how to live in balance and maximize your full potential!
Learning to Trust Again after Heartbreak and Traumatic Experience(s)
Sometimes life and love leaves us hurting and broken, but there's no better time than the present to release yourself from suffering. This seminar is for women willing to move forward from pain and past trauma and find their way back to happiness and peace.
Chakra Balancing: 
How to Feed Your Soul
Our 7 main energy centers in the body, known as Chakras, correlate to specific body ailment and physical dysfunctions as well as mental and emotional power.  Your body, mind and emotions rely on this energy to function properly and maintain good health, so when your Chakras are closed or out of balance it leads to illness in your body and imbalance in your life. We will discuss the knowledge of the Chakras, and how it relates to your own personal health and well-being.
Wabi-Sabi: The balance of being perfectly imperfect
Wabi-Sabi is a traditional Japanese world-view that essentially translates to beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete". It is both a concept and aesthetic accepting transience, imperfection, simplicity, and roughness. We will explore this philosophy as a life mantra and a way to surrender the need for perfection and to simply exist as we are.  
Access Your Inner Goddess
If you struggle with low confidence or self-esteem, or are seeking to break out of your shell and rid yourself of  "awkwardness", this workshop is for you! Remember- women are strong, women are the future, and women are sacred! No matter how you self-identify, tapping into the divine feminine can bring you a sense of empowerment you've never experienced, and we're here to show you the way! 
The Naked Truth:
A No Holds Barred Discussion about Lesbian Sexual & Intimacy issues
We're going to keep it real in this panel and discuss everything related to sex, including lesbian bed death, safe sex, intimacy issues, and orgasms (and how to have more!) We're going to have some fun and interactive toy demonstrations, and learn about all the hottest products on the market that can help you maintain the passion!
Mindful Meditation for All Levels
Mindful meditation is one of the most effective ways to will yourself towards a better mental and emotional state. Whether you can meditate to Nirvana, or can't sit still for more than two seconds, this workshop will teach you proven methods on how to relax, visualize, and hold space for serenity in your life despite a chaotic world. 
Healthy/Vegan Cooking Demos
Nutrition and diet are obviously very important pieces of overall physical and mental wellness, but few people don't actually understand that lots of ingredients and habits they incorporate into their daily life are unhealthy. These workshops will re-educate you on food, and show you how some foods and diets can actually cure and treat chronic diseases and illnesses! 
Medical Panels on Illness/Disease/Addiction
Unfortunately, LGBT women are among the most unhealthy sector of American women, and is lack of information, resources, and education complicates this very serious issue. However, we have 2 medical physicians on-site, and they will giving a unique western/holistic take on medical issues that specifically relate to LGBT women.
Relationship Rodeo:
Successfully Maneuvering through Love & Dating
Same-Sex relationships can be as exciting and passionate as they are frustrating and complicated . In this seminar, we will tackle common relationship and dating  issues, how to navigate through the dating pool, and how to identify red flags. We will demonstrate proper conflict resolution, and explore ways to keep  important decisions such as cohabitation, engagement/marriage, and  breakups as stress-free as possible.
God is Love:
Reconciling your faith with your lifestyle without compromise or guilt
You can be gay AND religious/spiritual AND happy! Liberate yourself from self-hate and institutional shame to really develop a close and loving relationship with your God. 
2 Moms:
Approaching parenting & adoption/legal issues in a LGBT context

Lots of LGBT women are moms or live with children, but no one really prepares you for some of the parenting challenges that arise with same-sex households.  We're here to provide support addressing these topics in a Q& A panel, as well as discussing options and issues surrounding gay adoption and family planning.
Career/Financial Planning
We are going dive right into money-management techniques for individuals and same-sex couples, credit building and repair, and other financial topics such as accounting, investing, wills, taxes, and insurance. We will also dedicate some time in this seminar to discuss entrepreneurship and how to protect yourself and your business legally.
Makeup/Beauty Masterclass
Beauty and skincare products are a huge part of wellness consumerism, so we want to share with you some of the healthiest products you can use for your beauty routine. Top makeup artists and estheticians will provide demonstrations and tutorials on how to remain youthful and on trend in the world of beauty, because once you align your chakras and inner self, you will also want to look your best!  
Masculine-of-Center Related issues, Pressures, and Expectations
We realize that studs/butches/bois/etc. deal with pressures, circumstances & issues unique to their masculine identity and expression. Yet, as women, health & wellness is just as important for them as it is for femmes. This workshop will address toxic herero-normative behaviors and replace them with a routine of emotional and mental well-being to align the duality within. 
Our Host Hotel & Satellite Location
Hyatt Centric South Beach (1600 Collins Avenue)
   Spectrum Wellness 360 is proud to announce our host hotel for our 1st Annual Women's Weekend happening November 16th - 18th 2018. Hyatt Centric South Beach is a fresh and contemporary boutique hotel located on historic Collins Avenue in Miami, South Beach. The sharp 10-story glass tower features floor-to-ceiling windows, rooms that are airy and light-filled, and indoor-outdoor restaurant offering a modern spin on Art Deco design elements, and a sleek third-floor pool with a multipurpose deck available for lounging, tanning, and morning yoga. The hotel is the winner of the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence, not just for its amazing guest services, but also for the following amazing features:
  •  WiFi equipped rooms featuring King beds, 47 inch flat screen TVs, and luxury bath amenities.
  •  DECK Sixteen, the hotel's signature restaurant which serves three meals a day and hosts a daily happy hour 5pm-8pm.
  •  Full-service beach access (towels, chaise lounge chairs, umbrellas, and food and beverage service).
  •  Refreshing rooftop pool with relaxing poolside cabanas.
  •  State-of-the-art LIFE FITNESS cardio machines at the 24-hour gym, and use of Hyatt Centric bicycles.
  •  Enjoy a $10 discount on exhale fitness classes – including cardio, yoga and barre classes at Exhale Spa.
  •  Receive a 10% discount on spa services.
  •  Complimentary Poolside Yoga Saturday morning @9am (Yoga Mat, towels, & Water provided).
  •  Location, Location, Location!  (Luxe shopping, decadent dining, and South Beach culture and art right at your doorstep).
  • We have locked in a ReTreat Rate of $199++, significantly lower than the average November weekend Rate!
    We also have a luxurious satellite location just blocks away from the hotel boasting beautiful sunset views of downtown and Biscayne Bay. In this exclusive penthouse and 2000 sq. ft rooftop, we will host our interactive and entertainment segments- such as erotic painting, black-tie auction, wine tasting, and cooking demonstrations.  

  Both locations are located in the heart of South Beach (Miami Beach) and within ten walkable or bikeable blocks of each other. We want the best for our attendees, and we believe the venues we've selected are perfect to "ReTreat Yourself! 
Our Event Agenda & Schedule
"ReTreat Yourself" offers dynamic programs meant to sooth and motivate your spirit, as well as influence real change. Take this time to create some space to explore new mind and body practices, or expand on those you already have, and feel how they life your spirit and resonate with you on a new level.

Register Today and Reserve Your Spot!
"ReTreat Yourself" is the first and only health & wellness summit specially adapted for our needs and issues as women who love women. Don't miss your chance to be a part of something that can transform and inspire your life!
Meet The Speakers
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Dr. Sharon Lombard
(anesthesiologist & Holistic Medicine advocate)
   Dr. Lombard is a board certified physician with over 30 years of experience. She has traveled to Africa and Haiti to provide medical relief, and believes her acceptance of both holistic and traditional medicine provide her with spiritual and professional balance.

   As an anesthesiologist with decades of practice within obstetrics, Dr. Lombard is acutely aware of both the vulnerability and capability of the female form. Having studied with Barbara Brennan,  she also understands the importance of spiritual healing, and has witnessed in her patients the necessity of mind/body/spirit alignment.

   Dr. Lombard has first-hand experience of how debilitating chronic illness, injury, and disease can be, and she aspires to educate and inspire queer and trans women on their journey to health & wellness.
Vibe Veda
   Vibe Veda, aka "GURU VIBE" is a 2Spirit Healing Arts & Lifestyle Guru, published author, and Reiki Healer with a mission of "being the change", while inspiring others to reach their fullest potential in life, mind, body + spirit. Vibe is the Founder of VIBES Lifestyle Enterprises, which consists of VIBES Market + Blog, VIBES Oasis B+B Zen Center + VIBE2SPIRIT, an online store + blog for the LGBTQ Community. 
   After running an Apothecary at Deepak Chopra’s Homebase in NYC, and providing Reiki Healing at the Beauty, Wellness, Wisdom events, featuring Gabby Bernstein + Elena Brower, Vibe went on to co-host the launch of Indie Beauty Expo, NYC. Vibe’s book "Emerge, Live Your Dream" can be found on Amazon + Lulu. Vibe hosts workshops + private healing sessions with clients, which include Reiki, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing + more! 
   Octavia Yearwood is an arts educator, motivational speaker, choreographer, and an overall entrepreneur. Her arts services company, Team Ohhh, provides dance and visual art enrichment programming in public schools, private schools and dance studio’s around the world. Her book “How The Hell Did You Do That?” serves as a guide book to foster youth and other youth suffering from a traumatic childhood. Octavia received the American Express Emerging Leaders Award and was honored by Legacy Magazine as one of Miami’s 40 Black Leaders Under 40.  She was most recently named "Miami's Best Author" of 2018 by the Miami New Times. 

   She and her business partner launched "This Girls Lunchbox," a queer identifying womxn membership club based in Miami. She continues to inspire and build the LGBT community using the arts and expressive collaborations.
chaunte wayans
(actress, comedian, writer, editor)
   Chaunte Wayans is a comedian, writer and actress who proudly represents the new generation of Wayans’ legacy making its mark in Hollywood. She was last seen in the film 50 Shades of Black, with other film and television credits including Hollywood Misconceptions, Dance Flick, TLC's Trading Spaces, Bounce TV's Off The Chain and Nicktoon'sanimated series, The Boo Crew. 
   As a comedian, she has toured nationally wowing audience with her unique brand of comedy featuring for comedic veterans such as Katt Williams, Russell Peters, and her uncles Marlon, Shawn and Damon Wayans. Her comedic talent led her to become a featured cast member on MTV’s hit sketch comedy series Nick Cannon Presents: Wild N’ Out. Chaunte can also be seen on Katt Williams comedy special Kattpacalypse. Chaunte has showcased as a writer as part of CBS’ Diversity Showcase 2017. Recently she has featured on 50 Cents "50 Central" on Bet. Currently you can see her featuring on TruTV's "Laff Tracks." 

   When Alyson found out you could make a career on drinking wine, she went for it. She's in her 4th year at the Philadelphia School of Wine with a level 3, hoping to get her masters in viticulture. Her passion for wine appreciation is what makes her wine classes not only fun, but memorable.
   On top of drinking bottles of wine for dinner, she also takes care of her 11 month old twins. "Parenthood and wine go hand in hand", she's said on many occasions.
   Alyson is a fierce supporter of the LGBTQ community and is excited to be a part of the Spectrum Wellness 360 movement!

Tammy Lee
(Yoga Sage, Spin Coach, & Bodywork specialist)
    Tammy Lee has over 15 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, and practices many different styles and modalities. Considering the body and its uniqueness to each individual, she  feels that it is her duty to honor and respect what each body needs, so she provides custom body and skin treatments to achieve the best possible results.
   She is also an established certified spin instructor and yoga teacher with over 18 years of experience. She also has a lovely line of handmade soy candles and jewelry! 
We are very happy to have her lead our morning yoga session.  
gabriela perez
(certified plant based coach, sound healer, & essential oil educator)
   Gabriela Perez is a Certified Plant Based Coach and Educator as well as a 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer, and Essential Oil Educator with a degree in Business. She set out on a journey and has been dedicated to it for the past 7 years - learning about the different ways that we can heal holistically and evolve into the highest versions of ourselves. 
   With her passions deeply rooted in the natural health and nutritional fields, she enjoys coaching those who are ready to experience transformation in their lives.   
   Gabriela believes that by living a healthy lifestyle, practicing self-love and accepting guidance we can all achieve multi-dimensional good health of the body, mind, and soul.

Event Pricing Table
"Retreat Yourself" Women's Weekend Pass
  •  Access to all classes/seminars/workshops
  •  Admission to :
The Ultimate Wine Tasting Party with Alyson McRipley (Sommeliere/founder of Wine11)

Black Tie LGBT Charity Benefit + Raffle
(evening wear required)

Musical Showcase ft. Spoken Word Under the Stars

"The Divine Feminine": Erotic Painting and Art Night with Nude Canvases

Farmer's Market Crawl

The Art of Smudging: DIY Workshop + Plant Spirit Healing 101

Yin Yang Flow: Morning Poolside Yoga 
"Retreat Yourself" Women's Weekend Retreat **VIP** Pass
Everything from the General Admission Ticket, plus...
  •  Express On-Site Registration
  •  Early Registration for all classes/seminars/workshops
  •  VIP Cocktail Reception
  •  Essential Oil Workshop
  •  VIP Gourmet Mixer w/ Keynote Speakers/Influencers/Health Experts
  •  Gift Bag filled with $500+ of beauty & wellness swag
  •  30 minute 1-on-1 Discovery Session w/ Dr. Sharon Lombard
Can't make it for the entire weekend? Purchase a day pass! 
Day One/ Friday Pass
Day Two/ Saturday Pass
Day Three/ Sunday Pass
Choose the specific event you want to attend and have fun! 
    The Ultimate Wine Tasting Party $20
    The Art of Smudging: DIY Workshop + Plant Spirit Healing 101
    Black Tie LGBT Charity Benefit + Raffle
    "The Divine Feminine": Erotic Painting and Art Night with Nude Canvases
    Yin Yang Flow: Morning Poolside Yoga 
    Spectrum Wellness 360 wants to see YOU win! 
    Don't you think it's time to align your mind, body, & soul and embark on your journey in health and wellness? 
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